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Traditional homeowners’ insurance on a collision course with the sharing economy

March 6, 2017 Laura L. Emmett and Kaitlyn E. Armstrong

The Rise of the Sharing Economy Consumers are increasingly interested in leasing and sharing products rather than buying and owning them. The aptly named “sharing economy” is growing rapidly, fueled in part by social media, which facilitates communication between peers


Capitalizing on Claims Data

June 1, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

After initially focusing on underwriting and pricing, many insurance companies have expanded their view of data analytics to loss management. The claims handling process represents a rich area for data modeling tools that can provide better insight into everything from adjuster assignment and operational efficiency to fraud detection and subrogation. How does data analytics fit into the claims management process for insurers – and adjusters?


The Truth about Cats and Dogs

June 1, 2015 Insurance Institute of Canada

Pet insurance explained



April 1, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

The notion that insurers can better control their claims/indemnity spend through streamlining, cost cutting and efficiency initiatives has gained momentum in Canada in recent years. Many insurance companies are finding ways to plug financial “leakage” in claims handling – a term not always popular with claims managers. Independent adjusters understand the reasons behind this focus on costs, but caution that a proper approach to claims adjudication should prevail.

Mary Allen, principal, InsightaaS
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Location, Location

April 1, 2015 Mary Allen and Michael O'Neil, principals, InsightaaS

New technologies, such as location-based intelligence, are helping insurers mitigate catastrophe risk.


Insurers need to tell clients about flood exclusions: EY

April 1, 2014 by Claims Canada

Canadian property & casualty insurance carriers need to work with government to determine how areas at risk of flooding can be insured, and they also need to “draw policyholders’ attention to exclusions,” suggests a report on the Canadian p&c insurance


Insurers, non-profits join forces on building resilient cities

December 1, 2013 by Claims Canada

A group of non-profit and industry organizations have launched a new set of resources that identifies priorities for the insurance industry and cities to build resilience against climate change. “The Building Climate Resilience in Cities” resources were developed through a

Fred Plant, president, Plant Hope Adjusters Ltd.

Understanding Lloyd’s

August 1, 2013 Fred Plant

Many adjusters think they know the Lloyd’s of London insurance market – but how deep does their knowledge run? How much do they need to understand to participate in this dynamic insurance entity?

Dr. Farhood Nowzartash

The Cost of Ignorance in Structural Engineering

April 1, 2013 Dr. Farhood Nowzartash

From the seven ancient wonders of the world, the only one left standing today is the Pyramid of Khufu in the Egyptian desert. Any man-made environment is destined to vanish eventually, but we are convinced that buildings will stand forever.

Angela Veri

Risk and the Older Driver

April 1, 2013 Angela Veri

Why your future caseload may increasingly include clients 50+ years of age

Tammie Norn
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The MIG’s Grey Area

April 1, 2013 Tammie Norn

A recent decision raises questions on what is – and what isn’t – included in the Minor Injury Guideline (MIG)

Daniel Strigberger
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What exactly is an “Accident?”

April 1, 2013 Daniel Strigberger

Conflicting decisions have made the interpretation about as clear as mud