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Climate change and its effect on insurance claims

November 2, 2017 Neville Bussell

The wildfire insurance losses incurred in Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2016 are the costliest in Canadian history. The fire involved residential property, businesses, municipal property and landscape over an area of 590,000 hectares. The Insurance Bureau of Canada Costs estimated

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Looking Under the Hood

November 1, 2017 Emily Atkins, Editor

Ontario’s mandatory auto insurance system needs more than a tune-up

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Disruption, collaboration and claims

October 30, 2017 Emily Atkins, Editor

As the new president of CIAA, Monica Kuzyk, who took over the reins from Heather Matthews at the annual general meeting in Kelowna on September 9, wants to open dialogue within the association. She is particularly concerned about the new

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The financial impact of a product recall

April 8, 2017 Francis Gagné, FAS Global

Whether it is as a result of the risk of e-coli, listeria or salmonella in food products, a choking hazard in children’s toy, a safety issue on a vehicle or a yoga pant stretching and becoming see-through; the list of

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Deductibility of CPP disability benefits in personal injury claims

April 6, 2017 Cheryl A. Canning

In personal injury claims involving lost income, it is very common for plaintiffs to have received income from various sources while unable to work, including Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits (“CPP”). The question of whether the tortfeasor or insurer may

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Explosion Response

April 5, 2017 Pablo J. Robalino

A collaborative success story

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Building a legacy

April 2, 2017 Emily Atkins, Editor

Claimstech helps create future adjusters

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Property Loss Update: A review of recent cases, Part 2

April 1, 2017 Glenn Gibson

This is Part 2 of the property loss review that began in the Feb-Mar issue of Claims Canada. Carter et al V. Intact Insurance Company, Ontario Court of Appeal, December 6, 2016   On March 16, 2011 a fire caused

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Strength in Numbers

April 1, 2017 Emily Atkins, Editor

Tech trends influencing claims adjusting in Canada

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Discovering a work-life balance

March 8, 2017 Emily Atkins, Editor

Since its start in Pat Lodewijkx’s converted laundry room almost 13 years ago, Discovery Claims is proof that vision plus hard work can pay off for the risk-taking entrepreneur. The Surrey, British Columbia-based independent adjusting firm has overcome hurdles and

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Property Loss Update: A review of recent cases, Part 1

March 7, 2017 Glenn Gibson

There have been a number of very important cases in recent months involving coverage issues, which are worthy of note. The Supreme Court of Canada has now become involved in trying to clarify the process that should be followed in

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Traditional homeowners’ insurance on a collision course with the sharing economy

March 6, 2017 Laura L. Emmett and Kaitlyn E. Armstrong

The Rise of the Sharing Economy Consumers are increasingly interested in leasing and sharing products rather than buying and owning them. The aptly named “sharing economy” is growing rapidly, fueled in part by social media, which facilitates communication between peers