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Claims Canada - August/September 2014


Property Loss Trends
A review of recent legal cases shows some interesting developments involving property insurance claims.

Total-Loss Claims and Customer Satisfaction
When it comes to auto physical damage losses, the two are not mutually exclusive.

The Mortgage Clause
Insurers and adjusters shouldn't overlook the role of the standard mortgage clause in the property insurance policy.

Dust to Dust
Is asbestos dust and asbestos containing settled dust the same difference?

Equitable Contribution
How this legal doctrine impacts the sharing of defence costs between primary and excess insurers.

Tornado Damage
The Angus, Ontario tornado showed some deficiencies in construction methods - some of which can be fixed cheaply.



Western Perspective
Burnaby, B.C.'s David Porter plans to bring some fresh ideas and focused solutions to the CIAA in his role as president for 2014-2015.

Cover Feature

Running hot
Private sector-run auto insurance systems in provinces across Canada are experiencing troubling loss trends in key areas. While reforms, such as minor injury caps, treatment protocols and anti-fraud measures, have had stabilizing effects in recent years, there are signs of overheating in claims frequency and severity. Adjusters argue that a more thorough approach to claims handling and statement taking at first notice is a sound way to address cost pressures.

Message From the President

President's Message