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Claims Canada - October/November 2014


P3 and Potential Losses
How the investigation of public-private partnership (P3) claims poses challenges for adjusters.

There's Something In the Road!
Evaluating driver response can be a complex task for engineers and scientists.

Missed Opportunity
Ontario Court of Appeal fails to clarify the duty to defend an additional insured.

Priority of Payment
Establishing a "nexus" or connection is key to finding out which insurance company pays, as one legal case shows.

The Related Claim
A single related claim must involve analysis of specific facts around each allegation and cause of action.



Time to Regroup
Albert Poon leads the Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association in what he calls a "critical year" for the organization.

Cover Feature

The Liability Line
Casualty premiums account for roughly 10 per cent of the overall insurance market in Canada. However, the severity of long-tail liability claims can put disproportionate pressure on adjusters to effectively manage and adjudicate losses. Key risks, such as asbestos and tobacco, have had a huge impact on insurance companies when it comes to reserving for future claims. What are the current risks that insurers and independent adjusters should have on their radar screen? And what emerging exposures may cross the liability line?

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Education Forum

Cyber Surge
Insurance Solutions to a Growing Threat