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Claims Canada - October/November 2015


Reducing Loss through Restoration
A look at equipment restoration and its effects on commercial claims across Canada.

Getting the Lead Out
What are the implications of lead paint liability for Canadian insurance coverage?

The 'Derivative' Claim
A recent Alberta court decision suggests that insurers should tread carefully on coverage involving intentional acts and negligence.

Driver ID
Discovering the actual sequence of events in an accident can be a surprisingly difficult task.


Cover Feature

What is this Thing?
The Internet of Things has the potential to blend connectivity with insurance claims. Think of it as a bridge between the old economy of bricks, mortar and physical objects and the new economy of mobile devices, data networks and analytic engines. It's estimated that billions of "things" will be linked to the Internet within the next five years through sensors located in cars, homes and businesses. How will this connected world affect loss adjusters, insurance companies and the entire claims management process?

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