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Claims Canada - June/July 2014


On Site
How a site control clerk can benefit the construction and insurance claims process

The Evolution of Claims Technology
From manual processes to the virtual world, the claims environment has experienced dramatic changes

Cyber Investigations
Every case is different, but here are some do's and don'ts when handling cyber claims.

The Complexity of an Abuse Claim
In a Newfoundland sexual abuse case, new evidence allows an insurer to void a policy due to misrepresentation

Smartphone - Smart User?
How are mobile devices used in negligence tort claims?

The Body's 'Black Box'
Wearable technology can record vast amounts of data on a plaintiff's lifestyle and activity - but must this data be disclosed?



The Aviator
Saskatchewan's Paul Greening has had a rich, varied career in the adjusting profession, but his true passion remains aviation claims.

Message From the President

Cover Story

The problem with property
In the wake of record catastrophic claims, insurers in key regions of Canada are changing their approach to personal and, to a lesser extent, commercial property insurance. Coverage terms are constricting, sub-limits are being introduced, deductibles are increasing and rates are rising, especially for water damage losses. It will take time before claims are filed on these revised policies and customers discover the true extent of coverage amendments. It's a testy situation that could put independent adjusters on the spot.

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Culture Clash

In Line to Succeed
Aligning your Resources to Support Strategy