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How to Be Ready for Make or Break Claim Moments

November 2, 2016 Dara Banga, president, DSB Claims

Last May, someone in remote Alberta started a wildfire that swept through Fort McMurray, took out the power grid, destroyed more than 2,000 homes, traveled 590,000 hectares to Saskatchewan, halted regional oil production, and raged for roughly three months before

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Donoghue v. Stevenson

November 2, 2016 Rocco Neglia, Vice-President, Claims, Economical Insurance

How a snail in a bottle helped set the precedent of negligence and the duty of care

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A Minor Adjustment

November 1, 2016 Emily Atkins, Editor

New name, same service for T&L Adjusters

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Medical Marijuana: Does it work?

November 1, 2016 by Claims Canada

Around the world, governments are approaching the recreational possession and use of marijuana and other drugs very differently. These countries and states are leading the way when it comes to implementing new legislation and adopting more lenient attitudes to help

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The Straight Dope

November 1, 2016 Emily Atkins, Editor

Reefer, dope, Mary-Jane, weed, ganga, bud, airplane, Aunt Mary, doob, grass, herb, skunkweed, wacky tabaccy, Miley Cyrus…

Fred Plant, president, Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association; senior VP, Atlantic at ClaimsPro; former president, Plant Hope Adjusters; 2008 president, CIAA
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La Plume du Président

August 3, 2016 Fred Plant, president, ACEI

Notre profession est fondée sur des principes et vous devriez être fiers du travail important que vous accomplissez chaque jour, c’est-à-dire offrir le produit du secteur de l’assurance de dommages au Canada. Le travail des experts en sinistres indépendants au

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Message from the President

August 3, 2016 Fred Plant, President, Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association

Ours is a principled profession and you should be proud of the important work you do, every day, delivering the product of the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada. Independent Adjusting in Canada is taking a new direction. No

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Reaping the Whirlwind

August 3, 2016 Emily Atkins, Editor

Tornado gives Doerr Claims Services a quick start

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Stopping Claims Churn with Customer-Centric Strategies

August 2, 2016 Dara Banga, President & Chief Adjusting Officer, DSB Claims

Customer loyalty. It’s the Holy Grail for any business, isn’t it? Yes, every business owner wants as many sales as possible. But most business owners want something more than one-time customers. They want raving, lifetime fans who will identify with

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Privacy in the Sky

August 2, 2016 Laura Emmett, Partner; and Nicholas Cummings, Associate, Lerners LLP

Potential Liability for Drone Operators

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Cleaning Up After the Beast

August 1, 2016 Emily Atkins, Editor

A hail of glowing embers bounces off the hood of the pickup creeping in gridlocked traffic. Headlights can’t penetrate the billows of greasy smoke swirling in a hot, heavy wind. As the camera pans, pine trees barely a car-length away

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La Plume du Président

June 2, 2016 Fred Plant, president, ACEI

Oui, cela a bien eu lieu. Nous savions qu’il en serait ainsi. Tout le monde le savait. Ce n’était qu’une question de temps. Une catastrophe vraiment terrible. Fort McMurray a été ravagé par les flammes. Au moment de la rédaction